The NUJ Freelance Office has produced a new public-order video designed to help police officers understand their roles and responsibilities with regard to the press during public-order situations. Read the rest of this entry »

Brussels, 15/06/2016. NUJ Brussels at its AGM today decided to help sponsor membership of Brussels Press Club for branch members. Read the rest of this entry »

Brussels, 03/05/2016. The Greens/EFA group in European Parliament are presenting a draft for a new EU directive on whistleblower protection. The draft directive, which has been launched coinciding with the trial of Luxembourg Leaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour, aims to provide the basis and further impetus for a proposal to this end from the European Commission. Read the rest of this entry »

Brussels, 04/11/2015. The new draft surveillance bill is like an iceberg, with a vast bulk of technical change obscured beneath the surface, according to civil liberties organisation NO2ID[1]. UK Home Secretary Theresa May presented the Investigatory Powers Bill [2] to Parliament today as a measure “consolidating and updating our investigatory powers, strengthening the safeguards”. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 29/10/2015. European Parliament MEPs today called on EU member states to “drop any criminal charges against Edward Snowden, grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties.” The call, carried by a narrow margin (285 tom 281), is stated as β€œin recognition of his status as whistleblower and international human rights defender.” Read more on this entry.

Since late 2014, journalists working locally for one of the bigger UK local-news companies have to file copy using the new ‘Knowledge’ software system, which means reporters are supposed to attach images, write captions and write a heading, at the same time as thinking up and writing the story itself. Read more on this entry.

Updated 04/05/2015. This page is an attempt to compile some of the online resources available to help journalists improve their cyber security. That journalists need to think about such matters is not in doubt .. Read more on this entry.

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