The European Parliament goes to the polls in late May 2014. The MEPs you elect will influence how or whether Europe climbs out of the recession that is manifest across the region. But what will they do about your private lives? Read more on this entry.

European trade unions mass outside International Trade Union House, BrusselsThe ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) demonstration in Brussels on 4th April 2014 against the austerity cuts and for investment in quality jobs was notable for the participation from trade unions across Europe. The Belgian trade unions were very heavily represented, however groups of marchers came from just about every European member state. Read more on this entry.

While the US pressure is considerable, the killing of the amendment advocating protection for Snowden is not merely a matter of external forces, but the outcome of decisions taken within the major European governments and political parties. Read more on this entry.

The NUJ joined those mourning the death of former MP and NUJ member of honour Tony Benn, and sent condolences to his family. Read more on this entry.

Europe’s consent to US/EU trade deals is in danger if blanket surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA) does not stop, said European Parliamentarians on Wednesday 12th March 2014. The resolution, in which MEPs set out their recommendations to boost EU citizens’ privacy, was backed by 544 votes to 78, with 60 abstentions. Read more on this entry.

Improve how you market your freelance services to clients

Work a bit slow? Finding that clients want pounds and offer pennies? Improve your ability to market your services and negotiate fees. Sign up for the best-selling NUJ training course ‘Pitch and Deal’ in Brussels on 26th April 2014. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 29/01/2014. The European Journalism Centre (EJC) has launched the Verification Handbook [], a free guide for journalists to using user-generated content during humanitarian emergencies. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 12/01/2014. The European Parliament makes grand claims to be the true home of European democracy. But as one part of the established Brussels press corps has found out, sometimes these claims are honoured more in the breach than in reality. Read more on this entry.

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