The EFJ (European Federation of Journalists) is carrying out a survey of the effectiveness of its communications with regard to NUJ members. As members of an NUJ branch, you are kindly asked to take five minutes of your time to answer the questions, accessed by clicking the link below. Read the rest of this entry »

During the NUJ DM2018 conference at Southport on Friday 21/04/2018, Cailin Mackenzie of CEC expressed anger at the fundamental human rights under threat. She said the union must work towards ensuring that the existing human rights framework is maintained, and raised concerns about journalists being put under surveillance, locked up and killed. Read the rest of this entry »

05/03/2018. Vera Jourová, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equity, speaking to the LIBE Committee in the European Parliament, 05 March 2018.

She said, speaking of the recent killing of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak in Slovakia, that she considers the rule of law as one of the things that really matter, not only because (if the allegations of EU funding fraud turn out to be true) it is taxpayers’ money which is involved, but also because this is a matter of citizens’ trust in the EU. Read the rest of this entry »

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has redesigned its Surveillance Self Defence site, which now contains over forty guides in eleven languages. Filled with tips on how to protect your communications and privacy online, it is required reading for all journalists interested in protecting their communications. Read more at 

Or … don’t give away that photo. If you’re supplying an image for free, then someone else is paying for it. NUJ Brussels is backing the NUJ’s #Useitpayforit campaign to encourage amateurs to understand the value of the photographs and videos they provide to news organisations. Read more on this entry.

The Flemish Association of Journalists (VVJ), together with the main Flemish editing companies, has reached a ruling with Belgian tax authorities as to which part of the freelance’s payment can be considered as ‘author’s rights’ and which part ‘fees’ (for work). The deal of the ruling: 50 % is for ‘author’s rights’ and 50 % for ‘fees’. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 21/01/2017. While Brexit is making headlines for journalists all round the world, few of those actually writing the headlines have had time to give consideration to their own likely status after Brexit. This brief note is therefore an attempt to provide some helpful information for members of NUJ Brussels. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 19/01/2017. The IFJ has just announced a new life and injury insurance policy for journalists, “Insurance for Journalists”, that offers a ‘no-nonsense’ broad spectrum of cover for news professionals, includes coverage within both war and civil-war zones, and is available to both staffers and freelancers. Read more on this entry.

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