Campaigning is an important part of the union’s remit, especially in areas of transparency and public accountability. The fourth estate plays a vital role in ensuring that those servants of the public – our governments – account fully and openly for their actions.

Current NUJ Brussels campaigns include:

See also our Previous campaigns, for an idea of previous successful campaigns and information provision.

NUJ Brussels also supports national and international NUJ campaigning efforts such as:

  • Journalism Matters, which aims to protect quality journalism and make clear the vital role it plays in democracy. The NUJ believes that financial cutbacks across the media � often driven by financial short-termism � seriously threaten the quality of journalism and damage our profession. For more information, see
  • NO2ID (to which the NUJ is affiliated), which is non-partisan group opposing the British government’s planned ID card and National Identity Register. NO2ID brings together individuals and organisations from all sections of the community and seeks to ensure that the case against ID cards and the database state is forcefully put forward in the media, in the corridors of power and at grassroots level. See