Grapevine email network

NUJ Brussels runs the ‘Grapevine’ email alert and notification service for branch members. Grapevine is linked to further email services for NUJ members working across continental Europe.

The service is an electronic link to over 350 NUJ members – primarily in Brussels, Paris and the Netherlands – comprising EU correspondents, freelance journalists, translators, writers, PR staff, photographers, etc.

Information distributed via Grapevine includes:

  • Full-time job vacancies.
  • Freelance work opportunities.
  • Notification of events.
  • Other information of interest to members.

Advertising on Grapevine
Advertising on Grapevine is free for NUJ members. The service is also available to non-members who make a donation to our preferred charity, the “NUJ Extra” fund for the families of distressed or disabled journalists. A sum of 50 euros is suggested, although many companies have been happy to pay more.

To advertise your job opportunities, project communication needs or other information

Send your information to the Grapevine editor (currently Ian Graham at pw-ig(at)

For jobs or work offers, please be sure to include the following details:

  • Description of job responsibilities / employing organisation.
  • Particular experience / skills required.
  • Permanent, freelance or contract position.
  • Contact details – name / email / telephone number.
  • Payment rates offered.
  • Closing date for applications (if any).


NUJ Brussels rejects all liability in the event that problems arise from opportunities advertised on Grapevine, either for the work provider or job seeker. As with all Grapevine announcements, interested candidates should ensure that both parties understand and agree the exact terms and conditions of remuneration before commencing work. If you follow up a Grapevine work opportunity, it is entirely your responsibility. That said, please do let us know about any bad (or good!) experiences.