News relevant to the NUJ Brussels branch and its members.

The NUJ CEC (Continental European Council) launched at the end of 2018 a new programme – Who’s your Plus One?

The intention is not, as one member suggested, to improve the image of your golfing apparel. Au contraire it is to encourage every member to recruit at least one further member of the union. As such the programme is backed by the NUJ National Executive Committee, which has urged all branches to make additional efforts at recruitment over the coming year. Read the rest of this entry »

Brussels, 20/11/2018. The JURI committee of the European Parliament today decided overwhelmingly that whistleblowers in the European Union should be entitled to protection from retaliation or intimidation when reporting corrupt or illegal practices under EU law. That same protection should be available to journalists assisting the whistleblower, the committee ruled. Read more on this entry.

Or … don’t give away that photo. If you’re supplying an image for free, then someone else is paying for it. NUJ Brussels is backing the NUJ’s #Useitpayforit campaign to encourage amateurs to understand the value of the photographs and videos they provide to news organisations. Read more on this entry.

Brussels, 21/01/2017. While Brexit is making headlines for journalists all round the world, few of those actually writing the headlines have had time to give consideration to their own likely status after Brexit. This brief note is therefore an attempt to provide some helpful information for members of NUJ Brussels. Read more on this entry.

Updated 04/05/2015. This page is an attempt to compile some of the online resources available to help journalists improve their cyber security. That journalists need to think about such matters is not in doubt .. Read more on this entry.