What about obtaining a press card?

Once you are a member of the NUJ you can apply for an NUJ press card, which is recognised by many institutions and London’s Metropolitan Police. To obtain one, contact Headland House and send them two passport photos.

You can also apply for an IFJ press card, which can be useful in Brussels and in some other more dangerous parts of the world. Again, you need to apply for an IFJ press card via your home journalists’ union, in this case the NUJ.

IFJ General Secretary Aidan White was recently assured (04/2008) by European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallstrom that the EU institutions would include the IFJ International Press Card in the accreditation guidelines, which are currently being revamped.

As background, another organisation, the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) had recently made representations to the Commission about a proposed European press card. The AEJ was apparently ignorant of the EFJ/IFJ card, in existence for some 50 years now.

Aidan White wrote to all the European Commissioners who had become embroiled in the AEJ proposal, setting the situation to rights. A copy of the letter can be found here.