Edward Snowden’s fate in the European Parliament

“While the US pressure is considerable, the killing of the amendment advocating protection for Snowden is not merely a matter of external forces, but the outcome of decisions taken within the major European governments and political parties.”

“Like their counterparts in Washington, these governments and parties defend the interests of a narrow financial and corporate oligarchy. They have no commitment to democratic rights and are complicit in the totalitarian spying operations of the NSA.”

Correspondent Bill Van Auken writing in the World Socialist Web Site on 13th February 2014. The full article can be read at: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/02/13/snow-f13.html

Interestingly, none of the decisions taken by European Parliament’s parties included giving feedback to NUJ Brussels on its request (emailed to the Presidents of all the European Parliamentary groups in July 2013, and repeated by email, phone and in person at intervals until Christmas 2013) for the Parliament to consider advocating European asylum status for Edward Snowden. Not one word, by telephone, email or letter, even from the LIBE committee, came in reply.

This behaviour, or some would say cowardice, should inform all voters thinking about who to support in the coming European Parliamentary elections.