Eight questions for your prospective MEP

“… mass surveillance the greatest human-rights challenge of our time … “
“… no checks and balances at all …”
“… should be controls to prevent this kind of massive surveillance …”
“… governments and parties defend the interests of a narrow financial and corporate oligarchy … no commitment to democratic rights …”

The European Parliament goes to the polls in late May 2014. The MEPs you elect will influence how or whether Europe climbs out of the recession that is manifest across the region. But what will they do about your private lives?

If you believe in the rights of European citizens, if you think that personal privacy is worth protecting, if you think that private life is more important than giving ever more data on your behaviour to commercial companies, ask your MEP eight questions before you vote. The answers could be enlightening.

Eight questions for your prospective MEP:

1. What rights to protection from government surveillance do European citizens have?
2. Should EU countries retain data on the activities of ordinary European citizens? If so, how?
3. Should data on the travel of European citizens be given to other countries? If so, who has access?
4. Should governments be legally obliged to notify citizens if they are placed on a watch list?
5. Do you know what your country’s government spends on the security services?
6. Should security-service budgets be hidden or transparent?
7. Who should the security services be accountable to?
8. If some European citizens are to be monitored, who decides, and how can individuals question that surveillance in Europe?

Why are these questions important? See the following background:
Questions for your prospective MEP – what about the surveillance issue?

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