Game Over? Can video-game journalists make money any more?

The video games industry is mushrooming. But, as a journalist, can you make money by writing for/about it? Around 130 people found out at this NMIC-sponsored ‘sold-out’ event in London on 18 April 2013.

See this article for one participant’s view:

And his report on the session on writing narrative for games, at:

Speakers included:

  • Rhianna Pratchett – Freelance games writer, Tomb Raider.
  • Steve Boxer – The Guardian.
  • Will Porter – ex PC Zone, now co- running Hookshot and more.
  • Dan Griliopoulos – ex PR turned full time freelance.
  • Ed Stern – in-house game writer with Splash Damage.
  • Andy Walsh – Game writer, Prince of Persia and many others.
  • Lewis Denby – Big Boss at Beefjack.