Branch meeting 28th May – talk by Tony Bunyan of Statewatch

On Thursday 28th May, members attending the branch meeting will have the privilege of listening to Tony Bunyan of Statewatch talk about his work. Statewatch is an independent research and education trust operated by a registered UK charity. It is not aligned to any political party or political agenda, it is dedicated to the preservation of civil liberties and democratic standards in Europe.

By routinely placing information about complex policies and increased state powers in the public domain, Statewatch performs a function that no other organisation fulfils. “In an age of heightened and increasingly repressive consolidation of state powers, there is no alternative than to have in place an experienced organisation which regards its duty to monitor and to give voice, constantly, to what it observes,” says Statewatch chairman Gareth Peirce.

Don’t miss this important meeting, come along listen to what this Guardian columnist has to say.

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