European ‘Day of Action’ – Brussels, 29 September

European trade unions are organising a ‘Day of Action’ across Europe on 29 September, and Brussels will be one of the biggest. Unions are demonstrating against the austerity measures adopted in many European countries, and demanding recovery plans that favour quality jobs and growth.

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Start – Gare du Midi

Journalists are invited to meet and interview European trade union leaders (29 September at 11.00 am) at the starting point of the Euro-demonstration – the premises of the CGSLB, Boulevard Poincaré 72-74, 1070 Brussels (near the South (Midi) train station). The press will also be allowed to take up a position in front of the lead formation in order to take photos and conduct interviews. If you wish to interview a trade union leader who will not be on hand in Brussels, ask ETUC for the name of his/her press officer so that you can contact the individual directly.

Press conference: a press conference will be held just before the start of the Euro-demonstration in Brussels, at 12 noon, at the premises of the CGSLB, Boulevard Poincaré 72-74, 1070 Brussels.

Press releases: you can find press releases at the following web address A press release announcing the number of participants in the Euro-demonstration will be published at the end of the event.

Photos: the ETUC will take photos of the Euro-demonstration and will place them online after the event on its Flickr network, which can be found on its site. The photos will be royalty-free. See

Press contacts: for any requests for additional information, please get in touch with the ETUC press contacts:

  • Patricia Grillo, Responsable du département presse, +32 2 22 40 430, +32 (0) 477 77 01 64
  • Daniele Melli, Attaché de presse, +32 2 22 40 431, +32 (0) 473 94 25 63
  • Emanuela Bonacina, Attachée de presse, +32 2 22 40 432, +32 (0) 473 94 26 47