FOI campaigner wins UK battle for disclosure of MPs’ expenses

Freedom of Information campaigner and NUJ member Heather Brooke today won a three-year battle for full disclosure of British MPs’ expenses. The Information Tribunal (UK), which adjudicates on FoI disputes, today ruled that the current system of regulating MPs’ Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) was ‘a recipe for confusion, inconsistency and the risk of misuse’.

Journalists will now be able to request a detailed, itemised list of MPs’ expense claims, including hotel and tax receipts and the costs of keeping their second home – bringing Westminster in line with the Scottish Parliament.

Brooke, author of FoI guidebook ‘Your Right to Know’, said the ruling would help take power from the ‘old boys’ club’ and give it to the wider public. ‘All honest and hard-working MPs will welcome this opportunity to prove their openness to the electorate,’ she said.

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