Journalists burn out. But why?

Why the high risk of burnout among journalists? What kind of work conflicts play a role alongside personal aspects? How do journalists manage stress? How to prevent the problem? Discuss. Tuesday 4 May at 3 pm.

Researchers from the Artevelde University College did some qualitative research among journalists in Flanders suffering from burnout and will present their conclusions. Experts, including Minister of State and former journalist Leo Tindemans, suggest possible solutions.

The research was driven by estimates that 30 percent of professional journalists run an increased risk of burnout, 10 percent of which have burnout symptoms corresponding to those of burnout patients being treated in hospital. The results appear to be related to shifts in the journalistic profession.

The panel includes:

  • Minister of State Leo Tindemans, who at the beginning of his career worked as a journalist for two years with Gazet van Antwerpen.
  • Flip Voets (Council for Journalism), medical psychologist and health psychologist.
  • Professor Elke Van Hoof (Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Cancer Institute).
  • Pol Deltour (VVJ.
  • Ides Debruyne (Pascal Decroos Fund).

Nico Krols, editor in chief of Weliswaar, will moderate the discussions.

This study was conducted in cooperation with the Association of Flemish professional journalists (VVJ) and the Pascal Decroos Fund – with the scientific advice of medical psychologist and health psychologist professor Elke Van Hoof (Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Cancer Institute) and professor of occupational psychology Hans De Witte (KU Leuven).

Tuesday 4 May at 3 pm
Room Maelbeek, Residence Palace, Wetstraat 155, Brussels

Please confirm your attendance with Eline Comer of Artevelde University College.
Tel: +32 473 86 44 85