New social-security contributions for self-employed

Update 12 June 2010 – see end of article.

Thursday, 25 March 2010. The Belgian cabinet today agreed in principle to a change in the method of calculating social security contributions for the self-employed. Instead of being based on income three years ago, they will be calculated on the basis of the closest possible estimate of the current year’s earnings (this may involve a supplement to be paid at a later date, or a reimbursement, depending on the final tax assessment for the year).

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Update – Self-employed social security contributions – reform delayed (or dropped?)
In March 2010 the Belgian government agreed in principle a new method of calculating social security contributions by the self-employed, which always used to be based on income from three years before (bad news for those hit by the recession). To ease this, the government announced a switch to paying contributions on the basis of current income.

It was not clear how this would (or could) operate; details were to come later. As far as we can see, nothing more has happened: the idea died with the fall of the government. There is, of course, a government functioning in the meantime, but it seems to have done nothing more about this idea.

Martin McGarry