‘Paul Foot’ awards honour investigative journalists

‘Investigative journalism is alive and well after all’, writes Guardian columnist Roy Greenslade in the paper on 16th Oct 2007. Describing the evening’s gathering for the Paul Foot award for campaigning journalism, he states, ‘… last night’s gathering [for the award] proved that much more is going on than some commentators might believe.’

Winners included The Guardian itself for an exposé of bribery and corruption in the British arms trade, yet local newspaper journalists also managed to win awards. Deborah Wain from the Doncaster Free Press shared the top prize for her revelations of corruption in a £37.5 million Doncaster city education project. Wain used the Freedom of Information (FOI) act to gain information.

Other shortlisted journalists also used FOI legislation, including Rob Waugh of the Yorkshire Post. His investigations into irregularities in council children’s homes lead to a million pound settlement for six whistleblowers who had been sacked for talking to the paper.

Hardworking reporters spent months, sometimes years, of effort to obtain a story because they believed that the truth should come out. Read the full text of the article here.

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