When is a document not a document (EU)?

It seems sometimes that the European Commission is becoming more like Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth (Nineteen Eightyfour, George Orwell) every day. The latest report from Statewatch details the process by which an EU document is no longer regarded as a document (what it is regarded as is left open to the imagination)!

The story? The Commission has suggested several changes to the Regulation on access to EU documents (2001). In particular, it proposes to change the definition of a “document” in a way that will determine whether or not it will be included on the public register of documents.

“Does this have anything to do with the fact that the European Ombudsman has just ruled that the Commission must abide by the existing definition of a ‘document’ in the Regulation,” asks Statewatch, “and that it must list all the documents it holds on its public register?”

Read the Statewatch report (Sept 2008) for the full story.