NUJ Brussels sponsoring membership of Brussels Press Club

Brussels, 15/06/2016. NUJ Brussels at its AGM today decided to help sponsor membership of Brussels Press Club for branch members.

The branch is itself a member organisation of the Brussels Press Club, and is encouraging branch members to take out membership of the club in order to ensure the continuation of its press facilities in the centre of Brussels, e.g. meeting place, wifi and refreshments.

The move is seen as a way of helping build attendance at branch meetings and boosting participation in the coming year’s professional and social activities.

The sponsorship is on a 50% basis, i.e. 50% of the press club’s membership fee (€50) will be paid by the branch. Numbers are to be limited at first as the branch is not yet certain how popular the offer will be. Preference will be given to branch officers in recognition of the work they put into running the branch.

Places are available at time of writing. In the first instance please contact branch chair Sara Lewis by email (sara.lewis(at) The 50% will be paid on a refund basis once the member has joined the press club.

More information about the Brussels Press Club here:

ps. At time of writing, the positions of Secretary and Recruitment and Retention Officer stand open to applications.

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