Accessing national data in the EU – new journalists’ toolkit

Access Info has just released a new journalists’ toolkit for accessing national government information within the EU. It is designed for journalists working in any media – newspapers, radio, and television – as well as bloggers and other information professionals who need to get access to information held by public bodies for their stories.

Developed by Access Info Europe and n-ost, the toolkit is designed to aid journalists making requests for official information in their own country or considering filing a request in another country.

The toolkit has been developed in recognition of the central role that the press plays in initiating and stimulating public debate, while acknowledging that journalists  face constant challenges in accessing information from public bodies, particularly when that information relates to issues such as corruption and organised crime, violations of human rights, controversial international relations, environmental contamination, relationships with business and lobby groups, and the more sensitive aspects of EU integration.

You can download the toolkit (pdf) here. Or you can visit the Access Info dedicated website and download it from there.

More information about the journalists’ section of Access Info here.

Access Info also launched, in November 2009, a report on its investigations into gaining access to official EU documents. The report focused on obtaining information from 17 DGs.