Ethical Journalism Initiative (from the IFJ)

The Ethical Journalism Initiative (EJI), launched by the IFJ in 2008, is a campaign and programme of activity developed by journalists and media professionals to restore values and mission to their profession. It aims to strengthen press freedom, reinforce quality journalism and consolidate editorial independence.

The EJI was launched in 2008. The objective is to promote, reinforce and renew the commitment of professional journalists to the following ethical values:

  • To respect the truth.
  • To be independent and impartial.
  • To seek to do no harm.
  • To be open, transparent and accountable to peers.
  • To act in the public interest.

The EJI aims to strengthen democratic values by promoting networks for dialogue about the need for ethical journalism. It raises awareness of the role informed journalism and reporting play in creating mutual understanding in the face of division, whether defined by language, culture, ethnicity or religious belief.

The initiative has been launched at a time when journalism adjusts to profound changes and the challenge of reporting in an increasingly polarised world, characterised by extremism in religion and culture, public mistrust of traditional politics, and rising anxiety among communities about their future and their relations with their neighbours.

Support for the initiative has come from the governments of Norway and Indonesia, and international organisations including the Council of Europe, the European Commission and UNESCO.

For more information, visit the dedicated page on the IFJ website.