The overbearing state

A collection of pieces about the (predominantly UK) dangerous growth in state monitoring and attempted control of our personal and professional lives.

The all-seeing state
08 Oct 2008. Plans for a vast central database of our emails, phone calls and texts will see everyone monitored as a potential suspect. See this Guardian article by Jenni Russell.

The shape of things to come?
“Every object the individual uses, every transaction they make and almost everywhere they go will create a detailed digital record. This will create a wealth of information for public security organisations …”. From a secret EU Council Presidency paper released by Statewatch.

Right? Just? Necessary? You decide! See the Statewatch report. View Statewatch report “The shape of things to come”

Big brother databases now available
Some disturbing trends are emerging in the kinds of software now being made available to governments (and others?) for monitoring and surveillance. These are databases and data mining applications that are able to combine data from a variety of individual records, e.g. credit cards, GSM phone logs, ISP email logs, flight plan details and more, and display information on all the activities of a target individual.

That person’s actions and movements can then be monitored down to the level of favourite hobbies. Read ‘Big Brother databases available now – get yours here’.