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Brussels, 21/01/2017. While Brexit is making headlines for journalists all round the world, few of those actually writing the headlines have had time to give consideration to their own likely status after Brexit. This brief note is therefore an attempt to provide some helpful information for members of NUJ Brussels. Read more on this entry.

Last night at the December 2016 monthly meeting, NUJ Brussels voted to make a sizeable donation, namely €1,000, to support for the Turkish journalists. Some in the branch were a bit wary of donating such a large proportion of the branch financial reserve, but it was felt that the situation for Turkish journalists is now so dire, and the prognosis for freedom of expression in Turkey so bad, that the size of donation was justified. Read the rest of this entry »

Brussels, 15/06/2016. NUJ Brussels at its AGM today decided to help sponsor membership of Brussels Press Club for branch members. Read the rest of this entry »