Who’s your Plus One?

The NUJ CEC (Continental European Council) launched at the end of 2018 a new programme – Who’s your Plus One?

The intention is not, as one member suggested, to improve the image of your golfing apparel. Au contraire it is to encourage every member to recruit at least one further member of the union. As such the programme is backed by the NUJ National Executive Committee, which has urged all branches to make additional efforts at recruitment over the coming year.

The title was invented by Brussels branch chair Sara in one of her more inspired moments (to be fair she does have quite a few!), and is a CEC resolution fully supported by Brussels branch.

For the coming year the branch is examining how best to execute the programme – in addition to the planned events with MEPs there is the possibility of a kind of ‘Open Evening’ format, in which potential members would be invited to attend, meet existing branch members, chat about their concerns and see how we can help each other.

For more information please contact the branch chair.



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