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  • Your union needs you, and you need your union

    30 October, by Chris Myant
    Over the next months we want to renew this branch. Members are sure to have some better ideas than those we have come up with. So the first thing we need is more discussion and debate between ourselves over what you as members want from the union, what would make it more useful to you or more interesting for you by way of participation in meetings and events. Let us know what you think, and we will respond. Where are we at the moment? We have a reasonable record of branch meetings, of (...)

  • Report from the peace march

    16 January, by James Overton
    Two days after the murderous attack at the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, (onWednesday January 7,) a dignified ceremony took place involving representatives of international journalist organisations outside the crime scene on Rue Nicholas Appert in Paris. Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, Danish president of the European Federation of journalists said: “I came to Paris to express my sympathy with the French colleagues at Charlie Hebdo. This is a tragedy. Attacking the liberty of the (...)

  • Paris peace march: the chairman’s view

    14 January, by James Overton
    The shootings at Charlie Hebdo, the 17 dead victims, the puzzling motivations of the perpetrators and the ghastly yet dramatic dénouement have left many around me stunned. Paradoxically it proved healthier to do my journalistic work during that period. I found a focus and purpose which was therapeutic. Besides reporting the events, my union duties also required me to help draft statements and welcome international delegations and accompany them to the crime scene at Rue Nicolas Appert in (...)

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