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Do not use for URSSAF declarations

Monday 6 December 2010, by Alison Culliford

"Plus simple! Faites votre déclaration en ligne!"

Update on my problems with the URSSAF: having billed me €2616 instead of the €18 I owed, having ignored my lettres recommandées and offered false assurances by phone, on Monday they sent the bailiffs. By going to the URSSAF office I got them to admit their mistake but only the Rédacteur Juridique can stop the process - and that’s another lettre recommandée.

I advise anyone who’s a victim of URSSAF’s mistakes to go to their office immediately, as their administration moves its slow thighs so slowly that mere anarchy can be loosed upon the world in the meantime.

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  • It got worse! I’ve now had the bailiffs. Only by going to see the URSSAF did I get them to admit their mistake, but only the Rédacteur Juridique (who is never available on the phone number they give) can get the process stopped.

    Lesson: it’s worth taking the time to go to the URSSAF as they take so long to read your lettres recommandées that they can have launched a process in the meantime.

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